Elevate Student Health

Schools offer a diverse array of educational and support services that necessitate dedicated, compassionate professionals to deliver top-notch education. At MediPro, we boast an extensive talent network and a proven vetting process to provide schools with the perfect staffing solutions.

Robust Educational Staffing Solutions

Our approach transcends traditional roles, focusing on a holistic health perspective, cultural competence, innovative education techniques, and proactive health initiatives. We prioritize sourcing professionals who not only have the expertise but also resonate with the values and ethos of your institution, ensuring a harmonious integration and a student-centered care approach.

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Expert School Nurses

We identify highly-trained, committed nurses who resonate with your institution's ethos and principles.

Experienced Health Assistants

We ensure you have access to trained, dedicated health assistants who fit perfectly within your educational setting.

Specialized Therapists

Our network includes adept therapists who seamlessly integrate with your school's culture and objectives

Proficient School Psychologists

Our team connects you with skilled psychologists who understand and complement your school's values and environment.

Holistic Health Approach

We prioritize professionals who emphasize a comprehensive approach, ensuring students' physical and mental well-being aligns with your institution's goals.

Culturally Competent Care

Our network champions diversity, sourcing staff who understand and respect the varied backgrounds of your student body, fostering an inclusive environment.

Travel Nursing & Per Diem

First Aid Experts

Extensive School Nurse Pool

Special Needs Staffing

Tailored Solutions

Technologic Integration (VMS)

and so much more…

Align with esteemed institutions like the LA Department of Public Health, Doctor Now for Students, Massachusetts General, Martin Luther King Jr Hospital, and Alta Hospitals, who have already entrusted MediPro with their healthcare staffing needs.

Meticulous Screening

Expert float pool development and oversight, ensuring you have a backup always.

Longstanding Record

Trusted by 300+ healthcare facilities nationwide

Why Choose MediPro?

Proven Expertise

Over 30 years of combined recruiting mastery, ensuring the best in educational health staffing.

Nationwide Reach

Rapid expansion across the U.S., serving over 300 esteemed healthcare facilities.

Specialized Recruitment

Our team's deep specialization ensures precise placement across diverse clinical disciplines.

Quality & Compliance

Unwavering standards and diligent credentialing guarantee top-tier healthcare professionals for educational settings.

Public Sector Mastery

A track record of multi-year contracts with county health departments, public hospitals, and VA health systems.

Elite Client Portfolio

Trusted by renowned providers like UCLA Health and Kaiser Permanente, showcasing our unparalleled staffing prowess.

Tailored Solutions

From temporary to direct hire, we offer flexible staffing solutions to meet unique educational healthcare challenges.

Are you looking for a more integrated experience? Learn more about our new MSP offerings…

Decades of Experience

Boasting 33 years of combined expertise in healthcare.

Expansive Operations

Active in seven states, serving over 300 healthcare facilities.

Esteemed Contracts

Proud holders of the VA GSA Contract and the DHS-LA County Temp Medical Personnel Allied Contract.

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