Military & Veterans

Clinical Expertise for Military & Veterans' Care

Military and veterans' healthcare facilities demand specialized and dedicated services to cater to the unique needs of our servicemen and women. At MediPro Medical Staffing, we possess a vast talent network and a rigorous vetting process, ensuring these facilities receive the utmost in staffing solutions tailored to their distinct requirements.

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We streamline your access to elite professionals, allowing you to prioritize dedicated care for our servicemen and women.

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Vetted Veterans' Expertise

Our rigorous selection ensures professionals understand the unique needs of veterans and military personnel.

Rapid Deployment

Quick and efficient placement, meeting the dynamic demands of military healthcare environments.

Specialized Skillsets

From trauma care to rehabilitation, we source experts attuned to the specific challenges faced by our servicemen and women.

Seamless Integration

Our candidates are primed for smooth transition into military and veterans' healthcare systems, ensuring immediate impact.

Dedicated Support

Our commitment doesn't end at placement. We offer ongoing support to ensure consistent quality and satisfaction for our healthcare partners.

Continuous Improvement

We refine processes based on your feedback to optimize satisfaction and outcomes.

Leadership Staffing

Rehabilitation Experts

Mental Health Pros

VA Specialists

Trustworthy Talent

Travel and Per Diem

and so much more…

Join the ranks of respected entities like San Antonio Regional Hospital, Massachusetts General, Martin Luther King Jr Hospital, UCLA Health, and Cedars-Sinai, all of whom have chosen MediPro for their specialized healthcare staffing requirements.

Meticulous Screening

Expert float pool development and oversight, ensuring you have a backup always.

Cultural Sensitivity

Supplying health professionals that understand and take into account the diverse backgrounds of our heroes.

Why Choose MediPro?

Trauma Care Specialists

Professionals trained to address immediate and critical injuries often seen in military environments.

Rehabilitation Therapists

Experts dedicated to aiding the physical and mental recovery of servicemen and women post-deployment.

Mental Health Counselors

Specialists focused on addressing the unique psychological challenges faced by veterans and active-duty personnel.

Deployment-Ready Nurses

Nursing professionals trained for rapid response and adaptability in dynamic military healthcare settings.

Patient Care Techs

Trusted support expanding nursing capacity and enhancing care.

General Practitioners

Physicians skilled in diagnosing, treating, and preventing a wide range of health issues, serving as the first point of contact for patients.


Experts in medication therapy, ensuring safe and effective use of pharmaceuticals to enhance patient health outcomes.

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Decades of Experience

Boasting 33 years of combined expertise in healthcare.

Expansive Operations

Active in seven states, serving over 300 healthcare facilities.

Esteemed Contracts

Proud holders of the VA GSA Contract and the DHS-LA County Temp Medical Personnel Allied Contract.

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