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Government-run healthcare facilities have unique staffing needs and requirements. With over 30 years of combined public sector recruiting expertise, MediPro has the experience to provide top talent for federal, state, county, and city health organizations.

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Our public sector recruiting specialists leverage strong clinician networks and deep expertise in regulatory requirements to rapidly deliver ideal staffing for VA hospitals, health departments, community clinics, and other public health entities. Contact us to learn more about our specialized government healthcare staffing services.

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Public and VA Hospitals

Physicians, nurses, technicians and support personnel with experience in public health settings.

Community Health Centers

Primary care, behavioral health, dental and specialty providers to expand access.

Department of Corrections

Clinicians to deliver care across correctional health facilities.

Public Health Departments

Public health officials, epidemiologists, health educators, community health workers and more.

City-Run Clinics

Find primary care, family medicine, pediatrics and internal medicine practitioners

State Psychiatric Hospitals

Simplified vetting for Psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, counselors, therapists and social workers.

Long-Term & MSP Contracts

Temporary Staffing

Internal Resource Pool

Facility-Specific Screening

Controlled Costs

Mission Allignment

and so much more…

MediPro takes pride in providing exceptional staffing services for premier government healthcare organizations including the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and County of Los Angeles Department of Health Services. Our proven track record staffing these and other major federal, state, and county health entities underscores our capability to deliver tailored workforce solutions that meet the unique needs of public healthcare facilities.

Transition Support

Onboarding and support services to help clinicians acclimate to government settings.

Geographic Reach

Vast clinician network across all 50 states to fill needs nationwide.

Why Choose MediPro?

Locum Tenens Doctors

Accomplished physicians to temporarily cover vacancies and leaves.

Per Diem Pharmacists

Flexible Rx support for evening, overnight and weekend shifts.


Readily available physician assistants, nurse anesthetists, nurse midwives, clinical nurse specialists.

Allied Health

Licensed pharmacists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, dieticians.

Patient Care Techs

Trusted support expanding nursing capacity and enhancing care.

Support Staff

Medical assistants, community health workers, patient navigators, social workers, registrars.


Department heads, directors, administrators, supervisors, project managers.

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Decades of Experience

Boasting 33 years of combined expertise in healthcare.

Expansive Operations

Active in seven states, serving over 300 healthcare facilities.

Esteemed Contracts

Proud holders of the VA GSA Contract and the DHS-LA County Temp Medical Personnel Allied Contract.

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